Discover the Mignola room

This room takes its name from an endangered cultivar from the Marche region, mainly spread in the provinces of Ancona and Macerata, mainly in the territory of Cingoli.

It is characterized by a high vigorous tree, with voluminous foliage but with small fruits ranging from intense green to ink black.They come off with difficulty from the plant and must be harvested in the very short period of maturation, these difficulties led the farmers to abandonment of this cultivar.

Mignola, however, gives life to an oil with a strong and particular taste, medium fruity, with herbaceous and wild fruit scents, with definitely a bitter and spicy taste, golden yellow in color.

Just like the majestic olive tree and the robust oil that derives from it, this room is determined by large spaces and a strong character. Inside, the harmonious and variegated shades of the skies of the Marches reign supreme, in an excursus that goes from the intense blue of spring days, crossing the cerulean of the hottest summer days, to the gray and ivory of the less loved, but always full of charm, autumn and winter days.

The room is located on the first floor and is the result of attention to aesthetics and functionality, aimed at making the spaces welcoming, comfortable and pleasant.

A spacious bathroom, with a suggestive shower that overlooks the company olive grove through a window that seems to be more of a painting than an exterior view, completes the fascinating peculiarity of the “Mignola”.

The choice of materials, such as wood for the floors and the cream-colored resin floor, starts from the desire to convey warmth and hospitality; the white of the walls and ceilings, in its purity, offers lightness and tranquility.

The “Mignola” is a room of 17 square meters, equipped with a private bathroom with a suggestive shower that overlooks the olive grove. The room is equipped with a bunk sofa bed and can therefore be used as a quadruple. Conceived for a flexible use, it is in fact equipped with a double bed that can be transformed for use into two single beds.

The room is equipped with air conditioning, free Wi-fi, safe, en-suite bathroom with large shower, satellite LCD TV, kettle with a selection of teas, herbal teas, coffee.

Each room, in addition to its own equipment, has the possibility of integrating an additional cot or crib with no additional cost.

  • Air conditioning
    Air conditioning
  • En-suite bathroom
    En-suite bathroom
  • Free Wi-fi
    Free Wi-fi
  • Kettle
  • LCD TV
    LCD TV
  • Safebox