Our oil mill

In San Marcello, in the center of the olive grove, the company oil mill was built, a structure of almost 300 square meters. In addition to the oil mill (the room where the oil is extracted) there are a room for the defoliation and washing of the olives, an air-conditioned environment for storing the oil (with stainless steel tanks, under nitrogen), a large and welcoming tasting room and material storage.

The extraction of the precious oil starts from here

Our lands

Our lands are located in San Marcello, Jesi, San Paolo di Jesi, Cupra Montana, Montecarotto, Monte San Vito and Sirolo (Conero Park). They are all cultivated entirely with olive trees with a traditional system (7 × 8 planting, polyconic pot pruning). All lands are cultivated organically (Soil and health certification body).

Our olive groves

Organic farm

The Afm (Marche Wildlife Company) was born in 2003 as a game farm for restocking (pheasants, partridges, quinces and quails). In 2006 it expanded its business by planting olive trees and creating a company oil mill (in the center of the olive grove di San Marcello) which started operating in October 2011. It currently has about 110 hectares of olive groves. All our soils are fertilized with organic matter and without any use of pesticides.