Latest news on oil and L'Olinda

For business philosophy, we want to keep faith with tradition but always continuing to innovate. To offer an ever better product, you need to know every aspect of the rich world of oil to perfection. Discover the latest news and curiosities about oil, olives, processing and about L’Olinda.

13 January, 2020

Marche oil: an Italian excellence in the world

The Marches, in the Italian panorama, are one of the extra virgin olive producing regions par…

13 January, 2020

How do you taste extra virgin olive oil?

For an amateur taste test of oil, a normal glass and an apple are enough to…

13 January, 2020

Curiosity about oil

The origins According to an accredited hypothesis, the olive tree comes from Central Asia and over…

13 January, 2020

How long does the oil last? Expires? How do you keep it?

Better the old or the new oil? Unlike wine, oil does not improve over time. The…

13 January, 2020

Is yellow or green oil better?

If you happened on this article, it means that you have purchased an oil that perhaps…

13 January, 2020

Find out how to prepare the infusion and extract of olive leaves

The olive tree is called the tree of life because it accompanies the history of man…

13 January, 2020

How to understand if the oil is acidic? Here’s how to recognize quality oil

"The bitterness, good or bad? Bitter is a great advantage of extra virgin olive oil. It…

13 January, 2020

Can it be fried with extra virgin olive oil?

There is the belief that seed oils are the most suitable for frying because they are…

13 January, 2020

Cold extraction, pressing and refining. Let’s clarify

"What does" cold extraction "mean? Cold extraction means that the temperature, during the pressing of the…