Is yellow or green oil better?

If you happened on this article, it means that you have purchased an oil that perhaps over time has taken on a different color from the initial one. Don’t worry, we reveal the arcane: must olive oil be yellow or green?

First of all, the quality of the oil does not depend on its color. Green indicates a high chlorophyll content. But the color is primarily determined by the olive variety. Then, of course, it affects the harvest time. Early harvest accentuates the green color, while the more mature olive loses its chlorophyll content and therefore the oil will take on a more yellowish color.

Is yellow oil old?

Many think that yellow oil is old. In part it may be true, but not absolutely. The olives of some cultivars, freshly milled, make an excellent yellow oil. It is also true, however, that, with time and incorrect storage, the oil may lose its characteristics and consequently also the color. Do you want to know how to store olive oil? Read our article!