Our olive groves

"Specialized" systems for monovarietals

Specialized olive grove means that each row of plants corresponds to a well-defined cultivar. The production of blocks of the same variety allows you to collect only Raggia, or Mignola or Rosciola … You therefore have the possibility of producing monovarietal oils. But above all you can collect depending on the degree of ripeness of the olives. Sometimes there are weeks of difference between one cultivar and another, and harvesting at the right time means raising the level of quality and enhancing aromas and flavors.

Today L’Olinda produces six monovarietal oils to which it will soon add others, with the entry into production of the new olive groves.

Jesi, via Agraria

It all started from here: a land of about one and a half hectares, close to the residential area of ​​Jesi. It was 1991. Here is also the company headquarters. There are about fifty olive trees in the middle of the aviaries where pheasants, partridges, quails and live in the wild. On this ground, the game farm was created from which the entrepreneurial adventure of the AFM - Marche Wildlife Farm / Frantoio L’Olinda started.

San Marcello, Contrada Serra

It is the first land purchased for business development. It is located in San Marcello, in the Contrada Serra. There are about eight hectares in the hills, all planted with olive trees. There are 1,200 plants, mainly Leccino (around 500) and Raggia (300) and in smaller numbers Rosciola, Pendolino, Maurino, Orbetana, Leccio del Corno, Canino, Picholine and Grigran. Here, in the middle of the olive grove, the oil mill was built for the exclusive corporate service. The old farmhouse has been demolished (with the total recovery of the material) and a Country House with a sales point is now being advanced.

Jesi, Via Montesecco

Close to the new building expansion area of ​​Jesi, in via Montesecco (Tabano area), a land of five and a half hectares was purchased where some olive trees already existed. Here a new specialized plant of about 800 plants was built, mainly Raggia (about 500) and in smaller numbers Mignola, Nostrale di Rigali and Rosciola Colli Esini. A further Ascolana tender plant (110 plants) has recently been built.

Jesi, Via Murri

It is one of the most important investments of the company. It is a land, near the Company headquarters, in the agricultural area close to the city. There are over eleven hectares entirely planted with olive groves, more than two thousand plants. The main block is Raggia, then the other genetic erosion varieties from the Marche region that the Region is trying to enhance (Carboncella, Mignola, Orbetana, Nostrale di Rigali, etc.). In smaller numbers, in order to have the widest range of flavors and fragrances, other non-Marche varieties have also been planted (Leccino, Taggiasca, Piangente, Coratina, Leucocarpa)

San Paolo di Jesi, Cupra Montana

It is located in Follonica, partly in the territory of San Paolo di Jesi and partly in the territory of Cupra Montana. There are a total of almost eleven hectares where there is already an old olive grove in production. In total there are over two thousand plants mainly cultivar in the area. Being in the high hills, here we also experimented with an Abruzzese variety from the Valle Roveto, the Monicella. It is a very vigorous rustic plant, suitable for the environments of the foothills. Its fruits yield a fine and aromatic oil characterized by a high content of phenolic and antioxidant substances.

Montecarotto, Località Le Busche

Here we are in the heart of the wine area and in particular of Verdicchio. The lands of this area today are particularly sought after. In the middle of the vineyards we have created an olive grove whose central block is made up of a very popular Marche variety, the Piantone di Mogliano. In total there are four and a half hectares where we have planted just under a thousand plants with which we will expand the range of our monovarietal oils.

Ancona/Sirolo, Località “La Pecorara”

It is the company's latest purchase: we are in the heart of the Conero Park, an area subject to particular and rigorous environmental restrictions. The olive grove (total area of ​​approximately 6 and a half hectares) is located in the center of a nature trail that takes its name from the same place (La Pecorara), surrounded by a "grassland" of Community interest, therefore subject to the constraint of the European Union . From this olive grove (abandoned for years that we are recovering and revitalizing) we will obtain a special reserve which we will propose to our customers as a limited and numbered selection in a few years.

Lands for rent

To the owned land must be added the olive groves for rent (over 20 hectares) largely in San Marcello, but also in Jesi and Monte San Vito and Monsano. These are olive groves fully in production with the main varieties grown in our territory (primarily Raggia, Frantoio, Leccino, Carboncella, etc.). In San Marcello, on a rented land, we have expanded an already existing olive grove with about 200 Ascolana tender plants from which a particularly delicate oil is obtained, a true refinement for its aroma and taste.