Leccino Monovarietal

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Leccino is a very balanced oil between bitter, spicy, sweet and fruity, with slight hints of almond.

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  • 100% Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
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  • 100% Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
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Leccino is among the most popular varieties in Italy. It is a plant native to Tuscany where there is the greatest number of plants. It has spread rapidly throughout the peninsula for its characteristics: ease of adaptation to different terrains, good resistance to cold and olive tree diseases, including the feared Xilella which is destroying the centuries-old olive groves of Salento. It has an early ripening and guarantees a good and constant production.

To the taste

It is characterized as a very balanced oil between bitter, spicy, sweet and fruity, with slight hints of almond. It is a delicate oil with low acidity. It is excellent as a single variety, but it is also used in blends to soften and balance other cultivars with too strong hints.

At the sight

It has a golden yellow color with greenish reflections. Generally it has a medium-low polyphenol content so the bitter and spicy notes are not very marked.

In the kitchen

Being a fresh, delicate and balanced oil, it is ideal for both raw and cooking consumption. It is suitable for delicate dishes such as fish and white meats. It also goes well with tomatoes, bruschetta and grilled vegetables. It is ideal for feeding children.

Available packs

How to conserve

The rule applies to any type of cultivar: it must be stored in a dry place at a temperature not exceeding 18/20 degrees. Once the package has been opened (can or bag in box) it is advisable to transfer the oil into smaller containers so that it is as little as possible in contact with oxygen. It must be protected from light (do not use transparent bottles), from air and heat. The oil absorbs odors so it is better not to use oil cruets and always close the bottle or can. It is important to know that the deadline (18 months from bottling) is only indicative. After this date, the oil does not become harmful and therefore can be used without any risk to health. However, it loses the intensity and fragrance of aromas and flavors.

Prizes and Awards

2023 Bibeda Cinque Gocce

Bibenda 2023

2022 Bibenda Cinque Gocce

Bibenda 2022

  • Gino B.

    Superlativo…Molto Molto Buono

  • Franca C.

    Ottimo olio, delicato e gustoso

  • Francesca F.

    itThe Marches, Italy

    Gusto deciso ottimo olio, ne basta una piccola quantità per dare gusto a verdure e carne.

  • cecilia


    Super! Ottimo olio dal profumo inebriante!

  • Franca Cirvilleri

    itUmbria, Italy

  • Anonimo


  • Elmar Sartori

    itBologna, Italy

  • Luca

    Olio fantastico e arrivato in tempi molto veloci, considerando anche che di mezzo c’era il weekend.

  • Alex

    In famiglia non siamo mai stati grandi consumatori di olio, eppure la bottiglia da 0,50 ci è durata pochissimo… Sarà perché è più buono degli altri? 🙂

  • Sandro

    Ho provato tutti gli oli monovarietali presenti sul sito e questo forse è quello che prediligo di più, ma è davvero soggettivo. In ogni caso consiglio di provarlo

  • Natascia

    un ottimo olio

  • Raquel

    Se provate questo olio non riuscirete più ad usare quello da supermercato… Eccellente secondo me

  • Giovanni

    Ho comprato questo olio per provare il sapore… decisamente buono! Lo consiglio

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