Mignola Monovarietal

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Mignola is a variety widespread mainly in the Marche hinterland and especially in the high hills.

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  • 100% Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
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  • 100% Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
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It is a plant of great vigor with a monumental trunk. The olives, of an intense green color, are very small and when maturing they become ink black. The harvest, especially if early, is very complex because the drupe has a strong resistance to detachment. The Mignola has remained in the high hill areas because it is a plant that resists cold well.

To the taste

Mignola produces an oil with a high polyphenol content and an intense fruitiness. As soon as it is put into the mouth, it has a hint of wild berries with strong sensations of bitter, spicy in the throat and an aftertaste of artichoke.

At the sight

The Mignola gives maximum expression if harvested at the right degree of ripeness. An intense green oil for connoisseurs is obtained.

In the kitchen

It is an ideal oil to give flavor to dishes, therefore for bruschetta, soups, pasta and beans, chickpeas, grilled meat, cooked and raw vegetables. Try it with pinzimonio (fennel, radishes and carrots) and it will be a real pleasure.

Available packs

How to conserve

The rule applies to any type of cultivar: it must be stored in a dry place at a temperature not exceeding 18/20 degrees. Once the package has been opened (can or bag in box) it is advisable to transfer the oil into smaller containers so that it is as little as possible in contact with oxygen. It must be protected from light (do not use transparent bottles), from air and heat. The oil absorbs odors so it is better not to use oil cruets and always close the bottle or can. It is important to know that the deadline (18 months from bottling) is only indicative. After this date, the oil does not become harmful and therefore can be used without any risk to health. However, it loses the intensity and fragrance of aromas and flavors.

Prizes and Awards

2019 Gold Medal

IOOC – London International Olive Oil Competition

2019 Gold Medal

NYIOOC – World Olive Oil Competition

2019 Silver Medal

Los Angeles International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition

2018 Gold Medal

Athena International Olive Oil Competition

2018 Gold Medal

JOOP – Japan Olive Oil Prize

  • Francesca


    Ottimo olio, gusto deciso e profumato

  • Anonimo

    itPiedmont, Italy

  • Mads

    itLombardy, Italy

    Amo questo olio che rimane un pò più piccante ed amaro. Buonissimo!

  • Anonimo


  • Mads

    Un olio più delicato ma eccezionale!

  • vito guagnano



  • Francesco

    Questo olio mi ha sopreso in positivo, è stato apprezzato anche da tutta la famiglia pur alcuni non essendo affatto intenditori di olio, bene!

  • Alessandro

    Prima di acquistare mi sono documentato molto sia su questo sito che altrove e devo dire che mi ha ispirato subito grande fiducia. Inoltre è arrivato in pochissimo tempo!

  • Roberto

    Avevo acquistato in passato il monovarietale di raggia, ho provato anche la mignola più per curiosità e devo dire che anche questo è delizioso…

  • Federico

    Dopo aver provato il monovarietale Raggia ho voluto comprare anche la Mignola, sono buoni entrambi. Non saprei dire quale il migliore perche dipende anche dall’uso che se ne fa in cucina… comunque ottimi

  • Piergiorgio

    compro solo questo, consigliato +++

  • Irene

    Pur non essendo una esperta di olio, devo dire che la differenza si sente!

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